CI Reporter breaks with RSpec 2.7.0 #41

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lunks commented Oct 17, 2011

Using RSpec 2.7.0 and latest CI Reporter, I get an infinite loop on filename until it gets the filename to be too long, i.e.:


I reported what I believe is the underlying issue as 477 on rspec-core. I reproduced it without ci_reporter, so I don't think it is ci_reporter's problem.

booch commented Nov 14, 2011

While rspec/rspec-core#477 fixes the problem for most of us for now, I think that's only a mitigation, not a complete fix. It's still possible to have an RSpec example with a description that is longer than the allowed filename length.

There's a spec that suggests that filenames should be truncated, but it's not passing for me:

.../ci_reporter (master) $ bundle exec rake spec
 1) The ReportManager should shorten extremely long report filenames
     Failure/Error: File.exist?(filename).should be_true
       expected false to be true
     # ./spec/ci/reporter/report_manager_spec.rb:47:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

Are the filenames here even useful to anyone? If not, I'd recommend just using the hash of the description, instead of truncating the description. We did that as a short-term work-around, before we found rspec/rspec-core#477.


@booch that spec doesn't fail for me. I realize this was a couple months ago, but do you still have any details on the version of ci_reporter and the ruby that you used to run the failing spec?


BTW, 1.7.0 is out, try it?

@shepmaster shepmaster added the rspec label Jun 3, 2014

We are in the process of cleaning out old issues. If this issue still
applies to this version, please let us know, otherwise we're going to
close this issue to focus on current problems. Thanks for your report!


Closing due to inactivity.

@shepmaster shepmaster closed this Jul 22, 2014
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