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Please accept this patch because it fixes ci_reporter for use with test-unit 2.1.x.

ci_reporter broke because the internals of the test-unit console test runner changed - there is no create_mediator method in Test::Unit::UI::Console::TestRunner any more. Therefore, overriding create_mediator in test_unit_loader.rb has no effect any more.

The creation of the mediator was pulled up into the parent class, into the setup_mediator method in Test::Unit::UI::TestRunner. The attached patch adds logic to test_unit_loader.rb to override this method instead.

It was the minimal change necessary to make ci_reporter generate reports using the newest test-unit version. More might be broken, but I did not stumble across other issues yet.

I left the previous logic intact for backwards compatibility with test-unit versions before 2.1. In theory the patched test_unit_loader.rb should work with older test-unit versions, but as a disclaimer, I did not test it.

I just assume so based on the conjecture that the method Test::Unit::UI::TestRunner.setup_mediator did not exist in test-unit versions before 2.1, so overriding it should have no effect.

In other words:
For test-unit < 2.1, Test::Unit::UI::Console::TestRunner.create_mediator will be overridden, and the override of the other method should have no effect.
For test-unit >= 2.1 Test::Unit::UI::TestRunner.setup_mediator will be overriden, and the override of the other method has no effect.

This issue was closed.
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