fix nil to_xs with CI_CAPTURE=off #48

merged 1 commit into from Dec 15, 2011

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A fix for the below issue, seen when setting the environment variable CI_CAPTURE=off:

1) TestSuite xml should render successfully with CI_CAPTURE off
Failure/Error: xml = @suite.to_xml
undefined method to_xs' for nil:NilClass
# ./lib/ci/reporter/test_suite.rb:89:in
# ./lib/ci/reporter/test_suite.rb:88:in to_xml'
# ./lib/ci/reporter/test_suite.rb:84:in
# ./spec/ci/reporter/test_suite_spec.rb:71

@nicksieger nicksieger merged commit 31895dc into ci-reporter:master Dec 15, 2011
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Thank you sir! Nice to see you here!

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