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Firmware v2

Firmware v2 is a C language software development environment for embedded systems. At the moment it focuses specifically on the programming of microcontrollers.


This environment is under construction!!

Always use the released versions because in these all examples are tested and the API documentation is consistent. The master branch may contain inconsistencies because this environment is currently under development.

Supported targets

  • LPC11U68
  • LPC1769
  • LPC4337 (M4 and M0 cores)
  • LPC54102 (M4 and M0+ cores)

Supported boards

  • LPCXpresso with LPC1769
  • LPCXpresso with LPC54102
  • LPCXpresso with LPC11U68

Available libraries

Supported toolchains

  • gcc-arm-none-eabi


  • Make sure you have an arm-none-eabi-* toolchain configured in your PATH. If you don't have it, download GCC ARM Embedded.
  • git clone && cd workspace
  • cp
  • Define PROJECT, TARGET and BOARD (optional) variables in according to the project you want to compile.
  • Compile with make.
  • Clean with make clean. Clean for all targets with make clean_all.
  • Download to target via OpenOCD with make download.

This environment is based on