Simple modal create function built around Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery
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Bootstrap Modal manager

Allows creation of Bootstrap modal dialogs with optional params

@param t : title string
@param m : message string or HTML
@param b : array of buttons, like [{text: 'Cancel'}, {text: 'Save', type: 'primary', callback: function(){}}]
where type is one of primary, info, success, danger
@param opts: object of options from boostrap modal, namedly backdrop and keyboard


// An example with a close button, no backdrop and no keyboard controls:
var buttons = [
   text: 'Save',
   type: 'primary'
   text: 'Close',
   callback: function(){
     // This is an ID appended onto all popups we make. This call will hide the window & remove it.
modal("My Modal Dialog", "My Modal Message", buttons, { backdrop: false, keyboard: false });