Building an ASP.NET Core Docker image having WebHost
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Building an ASP.NET Core Docker image having WebHost

How to run the aspnet-docker-webhost application?

Whilst in the csproj folder, run the following command to publish it for the debian runtime:

dotnet publish "..\aspnet-docker-webhost\aspnet-docker-webhost.csproj" -r debian.8-x64

Build and push the docker image:

docker build -t localhost:5000/aspnet-docker-webhost:latest .
docker push localhost:5000/aspnet-docker-webhost

If the docker image already exists, use the following command to delete the existing docker image:

docker rm -f aspnet-docker-webhost

Finally run the docker image, and you should be able to successfully run the webhost. By using the -p you can expose the port set in the UseUrls portion:

docker run -it -p 35035:35035 --name aspnet-docker-webhost localhost:5000/aspnet-docker-webhost