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Hacker News on the Terminal

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Hacker News on the Terminal.



  • Ruby 1.9.3


  • Install with gem install hacker_term
  • Run using hacker_term
  • Tests included; I run them using rspec -fd in the project directory


See the front page of HN, use the arrow keys to browse and open particular items in the default system browser.

  • Uses the Ruby curses library to create a terminal UI.
  • Captures keyboard events to allow browsing of the HN front page from the terminal.
  • Tested (and looks colourful) on OSX Mountain Lion, but some functionality may be lost on other flavours of Linux.
  • Not tested and verified on anything other than the basic OSX terminal application - but may well work anyway.
  • Uses the HN feed available at - without that resource this project would not exist.
  • Sorting options included.
  • Some stats included.
  • Blog post here:


This project was created to allow me to scratch a particular programming itch after reading about It brought me back to my days in college coding in C where everything was a terminal program!

Please enjoy/contribute/ignore as you see fit.

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