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Discord bot with automatic channel renaming and gameplay statistics.
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A Discord bot made for the Swansea Gaming Society. Includes features like:

  • Automatic channel renaming - Help identify what games are being played in which channel at a glance
  • Game statistics tracking - Provides insights for server operators as to what games are popular
  • Burst channels - Automatically create and delete voice channels if existing ones get full

Planned features

  • Rich events tools - Tools to coordinate community event management

Running the bot

The bot is currently under heavy development, and as such I don't reccommend running it in any kind of production or heavy traffic environment unless you plan on dealing with the pain and suffering that will ensue.

The bot is not designed to be connected to multiple servers at this time, so if you want the bot to be in different servers, you'll need to run multiple instances.

Make sure you have at least the following installed:

  • Node.js version 8 or higher - the bot makes use of async functions defined in the ECMA 2017 draft, which is only supported from version 8. Don't skimp.
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 or higher - Older versions will probably work, this is just what I run it on to develop

The bot has only ever been tested to run on Linux; if you can get it to run on Windows, send in a pull request with updated docs!

  1. Clone the repository and check out whatever version you want to use (for now, master is your only real option)
  2. Run yarn in the directory you cloned into to grab the dependencies
  3. Copy the .env.example file to .env and set the configuration directives appropriately.
  4. Import the schema file in the root of the repository into an empty database in Postgres. Make sure the owner of the tables, sequences and roles is set appropriately for what you set in the env file.
  5. Start the bot with node index.js and pray.

To test the bot with eslint run yarn test. This will run eslint over all the code. If you'd rather run this test and then launch the bot run yarn run dev which will do this for you as well.

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