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Living Music Report

🎵 The open dataset for the Living Music Report

Welcome to the open dataset for the Living Music Report. Fact-checking, investigation and re-use of the data found within is all welcome!

This dataset is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

Repository format

  • LMR
    • MPAsummary.csv (what MPAs contained in datase)
    • SSO (subfolders for every MPA)
      • SSO2019summary.csv (season summary)
      • SSO2019 (season subfolder)
        • SSO2019001.csv (individual series)
        • SSO2019002.csv
        • ...
    • ...

Top folder (LMR)

Master List

A simple master list of MPAs in the report (MPAsummary.txt)

Attribute Pos. Format Description
MPAinit 1 A The initialism for the MPA, used as the general reference in this datas et for any mention of the MPA
MPAname 2 A The full name of the MPA

A subfolder for each MPA

Named MPAInit (e.g. SSO)

MPA subfolder

Contains the following folders and files:

MPA season summary file

Summarises all series performed by the MPA in a given year. Note that this is the concert series, not the performance (i.e. the series may have been performed more than one time, noted in SeriesPerfs).

Named MPAInit + YYYY + summary.csv (e.g. MSO2019summary.csv)

Attribute Pos. Format Description Example
SeriesId 1 AN Unique arbitrary identifier of a concert series ACO2019004
SeriesName 2 A The full name of the series as per the program Theres a Sea in My Bedroom
SeriesDate 3 ISO8601 The month (or estimate) of the series, based on the date of the first performance, in the format YYYY-MM 2019-05
SeriesPerfs 4 N The number of times the series was performed (if Digital, 1) 15
SeriesVenue 5 A The location of the series (if multiple, "Various" is used; if online, "Digital" is used) Sydney's Opera House's Utzon Room
SeriesEd 6 Binary Was the series part of an education program? (Y/N) Y
SeriesInt 6 Binary Did the series have an interval? (Y/N) N

MPA season detail subfolder

Named MPAInit + YYYY (e.g. MSO2019)

MPA season detail subfolder

Contains individual .csv files for each concert series outlined in the MPA season summary file.

Named after referenced SeriesId (e.g. ACO2019004.csv)

Individual series outline every work performed in the series as per the criteria in the report. Structured as follows:

Attribute Pos. Format Description Example
CompName 1 A Full name of the composer Peter Sculthorpe
CompBirth 2 YYYY Year of birth of the composer 1929
CompLiving 3 Binary Was the composer alive on 31 December the year of report? (Y/N) N
CompNation 4 A The citizenship of the composer at time of composition Australian
CompGender 5 A The gender of the composer out of list as per report definitions (Male=M/Female=F/Non-binary=NB/Gender diverse=X) M
CompCald 6 Binary Was/is the composer a CALD Australian as per report definitions? (Y/N) N
CompFn 7 Binary Was/is the composer First Nations as per report definitions? (Y/N) N
WorkTitle 8 A The title of the work performed Djilile
WorkLength 9 N The length of the work in minutes 5
WorkYear 10 N The year the work was written 1986
WorkAp 11 Binary Was the work an Australian Premiere? (Y/N) N
WorkWp 12 Binary Was the work a World Premiere? (Y/N) N
WorkInst 13 A Instrumentation of the work Chamber orchestra


The open dataset for Living Music Report






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