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cocos2d-x authors
(ordered by the join in time)
Core Developers:
Walzer Wang
Minggo Zhang
WenSheng Yang
Bin Zhang
RongHong Huang
ZhuoShi Shun
contribute the lua binding of CocosDenshion
Jirka Fajfr
Chris Calm
authors of CCTexturePVR
RuiXiang Zhou
XiDi Peng
AiYu Ye
authors of lua binding
Max Aksenov
author and maintainer of Marmalade(Airplay) port
Carlos Sessa
implement the accelerometer module onto Android
author of Bada port
add a build file that correctly generates LuaCocos2d.cpp
add a lua template
Cocos2d-x can not grow so fast without the active community.
Thanks to all developers who report & trace bugs, dicuss the engine usage in forum & QQ groups!
Special thanks to Ricardo Quesada for giving us lots of guidances & suggestions.