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cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.9.1 @ Aug.17,2011
[all platforms]
Feature #347 Support custom TTF fonts
Feature #536 Support PVR Texture
Feature #645 update to cocos2d-iphone v1.0.1
Feature #633 allow SimpleAudioEngine::playEffect repeatly
Feature #630 implement CCRenderTexture::saveBuffer method
Feature #613 Call executeCallFuncN instead of executeCallFunc in CCMenuItem::active()
Feature #620 add Texture2d test case
Feature #638 Add support for per ccz format
Feature #641 users can CCRenderTexture::saveBuffer to any path
Feature #643 swap Accelerometer input x/y according to the orientation
Feature #665 add test case for CCRenderTexture::saveBuffer
Bug #513 CCProgressTimer doesn't work with CCspriteFrameCache
Bug #609 Retain & Release CCObject in CCSet
Bug #628 CCMutableArray::arrayWithObjects should autorelease array object
Bug #629 pass eImgFmt to initWithImageData in initWithImageFile
Bug #636 CCTextureCache::textureForKey() can't find the right texture
Bug #639 m_PositionInPixels isn't correctly initialized
Bug #640 the image read from render texture is upseted
Bug #644 CCSpriteBatchNode::removeAllChildrenWithCleanup() not work as expected
Bug #680 CCtouchDispatcher::rearrangeHandlers() crash
Refactor #623 refactor Cocos2dJni.cpp
Refactor #652 refactor char* JniHelper::jstringtochar()
Document #622 comment CCUserDefault in doxygen format
Document #651 add CCFileUtils to oxygen api document
Feature #679 bind lua to CocosDenshion
Feature #647 add a method to set search path of lua script
Feature #611 Add some methods in CCMenuItemLabel & CCMenuItemToggle for lua
Feature #612 Export CCNode::getContentSizeInPixels & setContentSizeInPixels to lua
Feature #653 add CCScheduler::unscheduleScriptFunc
Bug #615 CCLOG may crash in LuaEngineImpl
Feature #610 Remove the support of ndk-r4 version
Bug #608 CCRenderTexture cannot show textures after sleep and wake-up
Bug #618 HelloWorld & Tests crash when X is clicked
Bug #619 CCFadeTo may crash on android
Bug #624 CCLabelTTF::setString("\n\n\n") crashes on android
Bug #625 test_image_rgba4444.pvr.gz can not packed into app
Bug #631 TextInputTest crash when input nothing
Bug #637 Create resources folder instead of resource in
Bug #648 CCRenderTexture::saveBuffer may crash on some devices like Moto Defy
Bug #655 CCLabelTTF doesn't draw all characters, it may lost the last char
Refactor #656 refactor CCFileUtils, make it support reading data from directory other than assets
Feature #642 should be modified for saving image
Feature #658 xcode3 template should create AppDelegate.cpp/.h instead of ${PROJECT_NAME}AppDelegate.cpp/.h
Feature #661 fix TMXTiledMap for iPhone Retina mode
Bug #667 AppDelegate::applicationDidEnterBackground isn't invoked on iOS
Bug #668 CCLabelBMFont display 4 characters in a square per character block in retina mode
Feature #620 change lua library to static lib
Feature #632 Update visual studio template for lua support
cocos2d-1.0.0-x-0.9.0 @ Jul.14,2011
[all platforms]
Feature #584 sync with cocos2d-iphone v1.0.0
Feature #601 use Chipmunk v5.3.5
Feature #581 change return types of xxxAction::reverse() to its own type
Bug #522 CCSpriteFrameCache::addSpriteFramesWithFile(const char* pszPlist) crashed if the param have no '/'
Bug #522 CCTextureCache::removeTextureForKey(const char*) cache the image path incorrectly
Bug #573 CCLayerColor does not init its m_tColor, which will result to a random color
Bug #576 some CCMutableDictionary methods must return _KeyT instead of std::string
Bug #577 CCReverseTime may crash
Bug #578 Debian & LavaFlow of ParticleTest have not picture, the effect of ParticleFire is wrong
Bug #580 ShuffleTilesTest of EffectText may crash
Bug #546 CCLabelTTF::labelWithString() works incorrectly when height = 0
Bug #604 test.xcodeproject miss Summary & Info in xcode4 since v0.8.5
Feature #547 deal with line wrap of CCLabelTTF::initWithString(...)
Bug #659 ChipmunkTest Sensors crashes in a few seconds
Bug #583 SimpleAudioEngine::playBackgroundMusic(const char*, true) have no sound on win32
Bug #605 export C methods in CCNS.h to dll interfaces
Bug #548 export CCConfiguration to dll interfaces
Bug #600 incorrect memory allocation in marmalade port
Refactor #582 use libpng instead of CIwImage in CCImage_airplay.cpp
Bug #545 fix the wrong effect of ChipmunkTest
Bug #606 PageTransitionForward in TransitionsTest has wrong visual effect
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.5 @ Jun.28,2011
[all platforms]
Feature #577 Lua Support! We export all the cocos2d-x classes & methods to lua!
Please compile and run HelloLua, and read HelloLua/Resource/hello.lua for more details.
And the lua new project template/wizard is ready on xcode3, xcode4 and VisualStudio2008 & 2010
Feature #398 Xcode4 templates! Run to do the magic
Feature #323 Internationalization support! Add CCApplication::getCurrentLanguage() method on all platforms
Feature #529 add static node() method to CCLayerColor & CCLayerGradient
Bug #534 don't raise compile error if ios project includes CCImage.cpp & CCFileUtils.cpp
Bug #429 Effect is wrong when the value of defaultAlphaPixelFormet=kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_A8 in CCTexture2D
Bug #491 Unsafe cycle in CCScheduler::unscheduleAllSelectors
Bug #502 Refactor the singleton mode of CCConfiguration
Bug #512,#525 fix warnings in /Wall flag
Bug #516 Undefined behavious in ccCArray.h (signed / unsigned conversion)
Bug #518 CCScheduler::unscheduleAllSelectors() uses tHashSelectorEntry in wrong way
Bug #521 the effect of PageTurn3D is curious
Bug #523 CCParticleSystemQuad::particleWithFile() can't work correctly
Bug #524 CCFileUtils::dictionaryWithContentsOfFile() can't parse special plist format
Bug #526 glScissior can't work correctly when use autoscale function
Bug #543 EffectTest renders x4 scale when use auto-scale on android/win32/wophone
Bug #544 some test cases of TransitionTest renders x4 scale when use auto-scale on android/win32/wophone
Bug #490 TextInputTest show words on soft keyboard detach instead of each key pressed
Bug #507 RenderTextureTest failed on some android devices
Bug #532 GLSurface has no response when tap screen frequently for a long time
Bug #542 SimpleAudioEngine::setBackgroundMusicVolume() not work when background music changed
Refactor #535 remove skia dependence when drawing strings, which cause bug #507
Feature #540 Add RootViewController into xcode3/xcode4 templates. Games can use ios rotation mechanism
Feature #537 Update PVRFrame lib to version 2.8 for ATI graphic card new driver
Bug #539 games on wophone wva devices probably failed on reading resource from zip package
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.4 @ May.26,2011
Feature #496 SUPPORT ANDROID 3.0! We test it on both Motorola XOOM & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Highlight!!!!!)
Bug #494 typo fixed, Cocos2dxActivity::setPackgeName() to setPackageName()
Bug #495 Memory leak of CCFileUtils::getWriteablePath()
Bug #497 soft keyboard stays shown on some devices while the project includes CCTextFieldTTF
Bug #501 projects creaed by android template have the same package name
Bug #510 Tests progress is killed at the power down phase
[all platforms]
Feature #503 upgrade chipmunk from 5.1 to 5.3.4, keep sync with cocos2d-iphone (Highlight!)
Feature #509 For integrting IME, we had to rotate UI to landscape by default
Bug #499 CCRGBAProtocol isn't inherited and implemented in CCMenuItemSprite
Bug #493 the return value of CCFileUtils::getWriteablePath() is not end with '/'
Bug #508 Problem in running Tests in Retina resolution since 0.8.2
Bug #492 CCFileUtils::fullPathFromRelativeFile forget to consider the path separated by '\'
Feature #489 Use GetCurrentDirectory instead of GetModuleFileName in CCFileUtils_win32.cpp
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.3 @ May.12,2011
[all platforms]
Feature #317 wrap input box for game dev, CCTextFieldTTF. (Highlight!)
Feature #455 implement CCUserDefault for data persistence (Highlight!)
Feature #456 integrate libcurl for network access (Highlight!)
Feature #468 implement CCProfiler & CCProfilingTimer
Feature #450 can set default pixel format other than RGBA888
Feature #449 Remove the sources for mac platform. We plan to focus on mobile platforms & reduce the complexity
Refactor #451 Remove the event dispatcher and refactor CCLayer & CCMenu & CCParticleSystemPoint.
Refactor #452 Refactor CCDirector CCGrid CCNode, reduce the complexity
Refactor #472 Refactor duplicated modules under cocos2dx/platform, reduce the complexity
Bug #341 CCTMXFiledMap crashed when a child is not the obj of CCTMXLayer
Bug #371 A layer can't registered as a StandardTouchDelegate when touch event is handling
Bug #428 Function addChild low efficiency
Bug #448 CCCallFuncO crashes
Bug #467 CCLayer:m_eTouchDelegateType = ccTouchDeletateAllBit all the time
Bug #471 invoke CCFileUtils::setResourcePath may cause loading texture for ParticleSystem failed
Bug #484 CCTextureAtlas::initWithTexture() may cause memory leak
Bug #486 transition test FlipX, FlipY, FlipAngular, ZoomFlipXxx flickers on ios simulator & device
Bug #447 really exit application when "x" button is clicked
Bug #460 cocos2dx + box2d template cannot find libxml2.dylib
Feature #393 use full version of libxml2, with xmlXPath.. serial methods
Feature #477 Set compilation default ndk version to r5
Bug #374 replace the method for EGL rendering context lost
Bug #453 Android Cocosdenshion can't replace background music
Bug #462 no applicationDidEnterBackground / applicationWillEnterBackground on Android
Bug #470 use GAME_ROOT or other words instead of HELLOWORLD_ROOT in anroid new projects
Bug #475 CCImage::initWithString return true even if the bitmap hasn't been initialized
Feature #454 Modify the including path of Box2D genereated by win32 template
Bug #459 the project create by template for vs use the RuntimeLibrary MTd, different with other project
Feature #482 Modify the resource data path for the new WoPhone SDK
Feature #487 Implement the function CCFiltUtils::getWriteablePath() on wophone
Refactor #466 Refactor CCFileUtils for the new packing approach on wophone
Bug #481 After power down & up, backlight will turn off automaticlly if there's no operation
Bug #485 reduce the CPU occupation, modify the approach of FPS control on wophone
Feature #480 add template for airplay
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.2 @ Apr.7,2011
[all platforms]
390 Feature Implement performance test
411 Feature support .plist format outputed by the last version of Zwoptex
415 Feature Make all xxxFromFile methods can accept relative path
439 Feature all file reading must pass though CCFileUtils::getFileData
441 Feature Initialize pointers in construction & detect them in destruction
427 Refactor refactor CCTMXXMLParser with multi-platform CCSAXParser design
434 Refactor refactor class CCFileUtils
396 Refactor remove ccxScopedPtr & ccxScopedArray, use STL instead
350 Bug TransitionFade flickers
391 Bug CCSpriteFrameCache doesn't support .plist files which format isn't equal to 0
420 Bug CCSprite::spriteWithFile() returns a valid object when the image file isn't present
440 Bug Can't show MessageBox when imageFromFile can't find the image
349 Bug deal with plist files in binary format
435 Bug CocosDenshion crashes at foreground/background switching
438 Bug MotionStreak Test crashes on device
421 Feature Add a template & new project script for android
443 Feature implement CCKeypadDelegate on android
367 Bug of HelloWorld and Tests depends on alphabet order
422 Bug the 2nd point in multi-touch isn't located to the correct coordinate
430 Bug replace glColor4ub with glColor4f to avoid "called unimplement OpenGL ES API" on some android devices
431 Bug ParticleFlower on G3 can't show the particles correctly
417 Bug No touchEnd when the mouse move out from the window
424 Bug open vs2010.sln says cannot open CCamera.cpp
379 Feature integrate airplay sdk port
442 feature implement CocosDenshion on airplay port
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.1 @ Mar.21,2011
[all platforms]
400 Bug typo, rename CCamera.cpp to CCCamera
403 Feature rename cocos2d::UIEvent to cocos2d::CCEvent, to avoid class name conflict on ios
405 Bug CCConfiguration::checkForGLExtension(const string&) sometimes may crashes
407 Bug replace "CCGL.h" with "CCGL.h" in CCCamera.cpp, for case-sensitive systems
408 Bug memory leak in CCImage::_initWithPngData
409 Feature rename cocos2d::NSArray to cocos2d::CCArray, to avoid the conflict on ios
418 Feature add copyright of cocos2d-iphone original authors to each file
423 Bug fix compilation warnings when COCOS2D_DEBUG == 2
404 Bug HiResTest isnot prerfect on HVGA/Retina yet
410 Bug xcode3 template, cannot find libxml from header searh paths in release build
419 Bug test case TMXIsoVertexZ in TileMapTst has wrong effect on ios
399 Bug HelloWorld crashes when the screen is touched
405 Bug CocosDenshion test, BGM isn't paused after HOME key tapped
395 Bug make AppDelegate.cpp created by VS wizard portable without any modification
401 Bug VisualStudio template for 2010 OutputDir errors
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.0 @ Mar.15,2011
[all platforms]
316 Feature Resolution auto adjustment, auto scale HVGA resource to WVGA or any other resolutions
336 Refactor refactor platform porting layer
253 Bug xml parser sometimes crashes
375 Feature Rename NS,CG,UI prefix classes/definitions to CC prefix, avoid the crash at ios dev
332 Feature upgrade tests from 0.99.4 to 0.99.5
363 Bug CCLabelTTF can't treat line breaks and wrapping correctly.
351 Feature CCLabelTTF cannot automatic line break on iphone
352 Bug ccRemoveHDSuffixFromFile & CCFileUtils::getDoubleResolutionImage isnot work
392 Bug border of sprite debug draw isn't scaled if enableRetinaDisplay(true)
385 Feature implement ccos2d::CCLog
388 Feature update the template for iOS
247 Feature support multitouch
242 Feature support accelerometer on android
353 Feature support jpg on android
344 Feature add APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a to improve the performance on some devices
356 Bug CCLabelTTF::initWithString crashed
386 Bug resolve the compile conflict on wophone sdk
383 Bug The approach which handle left soft-key clicked is not work
377 Feature Replace the word "uphone" with "wophone"
357 Bug CCLabelTTF doesn't support words contain line breaks.
348 Bug CCLabelTTF blur if color = white and fontSize < 24
373 Feature Disable PVRFrame window when cocos2d running
355 Bug CCLabelTTF doesn't support line breaks and wrapping words
300 Feature wizard for Visual C++ 2008 Express & VS2010 Express/Professional
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.7.2 @ Jan.26,2011
[all platforms]
- upgrade engine logic internal & interfaces to 0.99.5
- the list of menu items in tests is showing how to scroll now
- lots of bugs fixed
- add new project templates for Xcode
- add the c++ wrapper for CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine
- support UTF8 charactors in text renderring, such as CCLabelTTF, CCMenuItemFont
- add CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine implement on android
- the engine can adjust the apk filename automatically
- the engine will not crash at surface recreate, especially at background-to-foreground switching
- switch the game to background, then press power key will not cause the background music play again
- remove the methods of using resouce map in cocos2d-wophone & SimpleAudioEngine.
Only zip resource is recommended and suppported.
- can auto find the installed path of your game, and load zip resource file from the current folder.
No absolute path in code any more. Do this to support installing games to micro-SD card
cocos2d-0.99.4-x-0.7.1 @ Dec.20,2010
[all platforms]
- add CCKeypadDelegate class, which enable CCLayer to respond "back" key in wophone & android
- Add namespace for CocosDenshion
- fix compile errors when enable CC_XXX_DEBUG_DRAW switchs in ccConfig.h
- fix memory leaks on each platform
- more details:
- Run through all the test cases of cocos2d, support ndk r4,r5, sdk higher than 2.0. Tested on HTC G2,G3,G6,G7
- HelloWorld integrate all platforms in one directory now
- WANRNING: this version isn't ready for android games porting yet. The CocosDenshion isn't ported to android,
and this version will crashes when screen orientation changes or the game gack to foreground
look more on this bug
- Add support of loading textureImageData from the ParticleDesign plist file
- Fix more then 3000 complie warnings
- You can try to use this version to develop your iOS game now. It's much more stable than the previous version
- Games can easily read resources from zip file now. This will drastically reduce the memory usage
- Add power management: pause the message loop when cocos2d-x game is switched to background or backlight down
- Multi-touch support
- SimpleAudioEngine can play background musci with repeating now
cocos2d-0.99.4-x-0.7.0 @ Nov.29,2010
* cocos2d-iphone-cpp port ready! include accelerometer & multi-touch
* refactor the directory structure of HelloWorld & tests
* cocos2d-wophone supports accelerometer
* add cocos2d-x wizard for cocos2d-win32 & cocos2d-wophone for VisualStudio2008
* jump out a message box when load texture failed (win32 & wophone)
* more details: