The beginnings of an authentication framework for Largely a port (at least in terms of intent) of


Useful authentication strategies based on warden. Available as a kiwi package. Provides out of the box authentication stratgies for:

  • HTTP Basic
  • HTTP Digest
  • Facebook connect (OAuth 2)
  • Github (OAuth 2)
  • Yahoo (OAuth 1.0A)
  • Twitter (OAuth 1.0)
  • Foursquare (thanks to
  • Anonymous
  • Never


% make

Running with kiwi

% brew install kiwi
% kiwi install express-auth
% node examples/app.js

Edit /etc/hosts to include the following entry

% grep twit /etc/hosts

For basic auth

% open http://localhost:3000

For twitter auth

% open http://localhost:3000/twitter