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Author: Cosmin Stejerean (offbytwo)
License: MIT
Description: git-svn-extensions are a set of shell scripts that make it easier
to work with subversion from git.
* Installation *
The current extensions are written as a set of bash functions. Simply add the
following line to your .bashrc or similar to take advantage of these features
. /path/to/this/project/
* Usage *
- creating a subversion branch
$ git-svn-create-branch branch_name
This will create a branch in svn with that name, and check it out locally as
- deleting a subversion branch
$ git-svn-delete-branch branch_name
- removing remote branches that no longer exist in svn
$ git-svn-prune-branches # shows what would be removed
$ git-svn-prune-branches -f # actually removes those branches
- list svn branches (excluding trunk and tags/)
$ git-svn-branches