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Does not allow for multiple querystring parameters with the same name #71

deremer opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Some APIs that use this module allow the developer to pass the same querystring parameter multiple times. For instance, see SimpleGeo and categories...

The oauth implementation turns querystring parameters into object, so a given parameter can only exist one time, so it changes the parameter name to be category[0], categort[1], etc.

I devised a way to fix this by modifying "exports.OAuth.prototype._normaliseRequestParams" to look like this...

exports.OAuth.prototype._normaliseRequestParams= function(arguments) {
var argument_pairs= this._makeArrayOfArgumentsHash(arguments);

// David DeRemer: added logic to allow for multiple occurrences of the same querystring parameter
for (var i=0; i<argument_pairs.length; i++) {
if (argument_pairs[i][0].search(/[\d]/) != -1) {
argument_pairs[i] = [argument_pairs[i][0].replace(/[\d
]/,''), argument_pairs[i][1]];

// First encode them # .1
for(var i=0;i<argument_pairs.length;i++) {
argument_pairs[i][0]= this._encodeData( argument_pairs[i][0] );
argument_pairs[i][1]= this._encodeData( argument_pairs[i][1] );

// Then sort them # .2
argument_pairs= this._sortRequestParams( argument_pairs );

// Then concatenate together # .3 & .4
var args= "";
for(var i=0;i<argument_pairs.length;i++) {
args+= argument_pairs[i][0];
args+= "="
args+= argument_pairs[i][1];
if( i < argument_pairs.length-1 ) args+= "&";

return args;

You may want to consider adding something like this into the main branch.

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