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dpaleino commented Apr 8, 2012


I wanted to package node-oauth for Debian, but your source code is missing '''any''' licensing information. It would be nice if you could include a COPYING or LICENSE file, bonus points if you also include that information in package.json and inside the actual source code.

This issue is currently blocking packaging of other node modules and applications, it would be nice if you could fix it soon :)



ciaranj commented Apr 8, 2012

Odd, it has previously been packaged for debian (note the debian folder?) The license is MIT as per #5 (And the note currently in the debian folder ;) ) I've just never gotten around to adding the text to the source itself.

dpaleino commented Apr 8, 2012

Not officially included in Debian, and I'm not using your debian/ folder at all.
I'm not (yet) asking you to drop it from the repository even if its presence adds some complexity to me :)

It would be nice if you could add the licensing info to the repository itself: it is more common to look for the license in the source code than in the bugs.


ciaranj commented Apr 8, 2012

Not my debian folder, it came in on a pull request, since I don't use linux in particular anymore I don't really understand (or wish to understand) what is or isn't required by all the various distributions and generally trust others to do this if they require it. Feel free to fork it and replace that folder as appropriate, I'll likely accept a patch, I almost always do. (@wadey might be affected though.)

As to licensing it, sure I was just making it clear that a) It is MIT and b) that this is stated in the repository source. I'll leave this issue open to remind me to go back and add copy-n-pasted boilerplate to the front each of file if that helps debian package maintainers :)

@ciaranj ciaranj added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 8, 2012

@ciaranj ciaranj Addresses issue #93, adds *explicit* licensing information
This library has always been MIT licensed (see issue #5 for the earliest
question on this.)  This commit merely adds an explicit complete licence file in
the root of the sourcetree, and adds a line to the package.json file
(thus coupling the sourcecode to github *sigh* )

dpaleino commented Apr 8, 2012

Thanks :)

Well, it would be better if you drop debian/ from the repository, and let proper packaging happen. I didn't ask it before because I thought you were the author, and were using that folder yourself.

Thanks again for adding the LICENSE file! :)


wadey commented Apr 9, 2012

Feel free to drop the debian/ folder from the repo, it is probably very outdated.


ciaranj commented Apr 24, 2012

Have now also removed the debian folder, thanks guys.

ciaranj closed this Apr 24, 2012

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