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Interacting with google

jhermsmeier edited this page · 3 revisions
    var sys= require('sys');
    var OAuth= require('oauth').OAuth;

    oa= new OAuth("",
                 "anonymous",  "anonymous", 
                 "1.0A", "http://localhost:3000/oauth/callback", "HMAC-SHA1");       

    oa.getOAuthRequestToken({"scope":""},function(error, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, results){
     if(error) sys.puts('error :' + JSON.stringify(error))
     else { 
       sys.puts('oauth_token: ' + oauth_token)
       sys.puts('oauth_token_secret: ' + oauth_token_secret)
       sys.puts('requestoken results: ' + sys.inspect(results))
       sys.puts("Requesting access token")
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