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Backlogs Plugin for Redmine

A scrum/agile tool. Useful for product planning, sprint planning, and daily stand-ups. For a quick demo try by logging in as demo/demo


  1. Extract or clone the plugin to $REDMINE_CORE/vendor/plugins as redmine_backlogs

  2. Start Redmine and configure the plugin at (see the “Settings” section below)

  3. Stop Redmine and run rake db:migrate_plugins from RAILS_ROOT

  4. Start Redmine


Documentation is available at


Configure the plugin via Administration > Plugins > Redmine Scrum Plugin > Configure. Pick a tracker to represent your tasks, and one or more trackers to represent your stories. You may want to create new trackers specifically for this purpose under Administration > Trackers.

You will need to enable the Backlogs module per project via Settings > Modules on your project. Also, make check that the right roles have permission to use the module by going to Administration > Roles and Permissions > Permissions Report.

Chart Data Generator

You may schedule a cron job to run the rake task named redmine:backlogs_plugin:generate_chart_data. I recommend you run it a few minutes before midnight to ensure that your backlogs have data everyday even when no user views the charts.

Getting Help

A *mailing list* is available for you to send your questions and concerns to:

You may also follow @redminebacklogs on Twitter for various announcements.

Reporting Bugs

Go to the #redmine (freenode) channel in IRC for questions. Bugs and feature requests may be filed at

Installation requirements

Backlogs needs the following gems to be installed:

  • activeresource

  • holidays

  • icalendar

  • rubyist-aasm

  • prawn

  • nokogiri

Backlogs works against Redmine 1.0-stable, *older versions will not work*, so check out redmine from svn or git and follow the trunk installation manual found at and


This plugin has only been tested in the following environments:

  • Firefox 3.5.x Mac OS X

  • Redmine trunk (will become Redmine 1.x)

  • PostgreSQL 8.2.6

  • MySQL 5.0.83


This plugin is released under the GPL v2 license. See LICENSE for more information.