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TestNG Plugin for Hudson

Release Notes

### upcoming
* display the test history on the trend graph
* add unit testing for testng results
* fixing the plugin to display results of suites that have data provider tests

### v0.14
 * Fixed JENKINS-8828 : exception.message is not displayed correctly for failed tests
 * Fixed JENKINS-7916 : FormatUtil method is using TimeUnit.toMinutes which is not defined in Java 1.5

### v0.10
* Fixed : diff value was display as --3 instead of 3 and -3 instead of +3

### v0.9
* Fixed : Checked in the missing sidebar icon files

### v0.8
* New : added diff and age  column for all test esults
* New : list failures/skipped tests under "Latest Test Results" summary section

### v0.7
* Fixed: Plugin fails to find testng-results.xml file when project is configured to checkout sources from SVN SCM.

### v0.5

* Fixed: parser test cases were failing with IOException
* Fixed: Updated colors for Trend Graph to match JUnit graph and bar colors
* Fixed: Better display of content on the test method result page
* Fixed: Open/Close js behavior on Package results page
* Fixed: Removed a lot of dead code and unnecessary files
* Fixed: Trend Graph is shown for Projects and not for Builds
* Changed: TestNG Results link at Project page doesn't take you to latest build results anymore
* New: Trend graph has tooltips and links to different builds

### v0.4

* New: Initial release