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Twitter4J is an open-sourced, mavenized and Google App Engine safe Java library for the Twitter API which is released under the BSD license.

Twittetr4J is a Twitter API binding library for the Java language licensed under the BSD license.

LICENSE.txt - the terms of license of this software
pom.xml - maven parent pom
powered-by-badge - badge
readme.txt - this file
twitter4j-apache-httpclient-support - optional component adds Apache HttpClient support
twitter4j-core - core component
twitter4j-examples - examples

Adam Samet <asamet at>
Alan Gutierrez <alan at>
Anton Evane <antonevane at>
Blake Barnes <blake.barnes at>
Bruno Torres Goyanna <bgoyanna at>
Dan Checkoway <dcheckoway at>
Dong Wang <dong at>
Eric Jensen <ej at>
Hitoshi Kunimatsu <hkhumanoid at>
Jacob S. Hoffman-Andrews <jsha at>
Jenny Loomis <jenny at>
John Corwin <jcorwin at>
John Sirois <jsirois at>
marr-masaaki <marr fiveflavors at>
Mocel <docel77 at>
Nobutoshi Ogata <n-ogata at>
Perry Sakkaris <psakkaris at>
Roberto Estrada <robestradac at>
Roy Reshef Roy Reshef <royreshef at>
Rui Silva
Rémy Rakic <remy.rakic at>
Takao Nakaguchi <takao.nakaguchi at>
Tomohisa Igarashi <tm.igarashi at>
Will Glozer <will at>
William Morgan <william at>
withgod <noname at>
Yusuke Yamamoto <yusuke at>
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