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Version 0.6.0
Not released yet
* WiringEditor:
* AccordionView on left panel for module categories
* Toolbar positionning
* ModuleProxy.js into its own file
* WiringEditor now inherits from BaseEditor, which wraps general full-page editor functionnality
* Example for a non-fullscreen editor
* Added Composable WiringEditor extension
* Usage is demonstrated in the "jsBox" example
* Wires:
* Label for wires (beta)
Version 0.5.0
August 10, 2009
* WiringEditor:
* AccordionView on right panel
* filter box in load panel
* alert panel
* Autoload: example, autoloads the "myWiring" layout
* Adapters: (removed the complicated SMD & YUI-RPC stuff)
* JSON-RPC (the old adapter)
* Gears (if no backend usable)
* Ajax adapter - configurable XHR calls. Can be configured to do REST or something else...
* propertiesFields default value (becomes optional)
* saved status indicator + confirmation
* rollup file wiring-editor-min.js (includes some inputEx and yui-accordionview)
* WireIt Guide
* InOutContainer
* Layer.onChangeEvt
* Show only one scissor at a time
* Spring Layout (experimental) (+examples)
* Wire mouse events (experimental) (+examples)
* Added drawing method 'bezierArrows' (experimental)
* Move issues/bug tracker to github
* WiringEditor: Containers were mispositionned when the layer was scrolled
* Wire positioning for wirables fields in FormContainer
* Updating Excanvas to R3 - now works in IE8
Version 0.4.0
May 17, 2009
* Installation instructions
* WiringEditor:
- base example
- logicGates example
- jsBox example
* inputEx FormContainer: create a container from an inputEx field definition
* inputEx wirable option: make the inputEx fields wirable
* LayerMap leave beta (indicate visible region, move layer on click)
* Terminal position switched to {top: , left: , right: , bottom: }
* new options:
- TerminalProxy.proxySize (default 10) size of the proxy element
- Terminal.alwaysSrc : make this terminal the src element in every wires
- Container.preventSelfWiring : prevent to connect 2 terminals of the same container
* New demo
* Switching to git repository (
* Switching issue tracking
* Documentation with YUI Doc
* Bugfixes for IE
Version 0.3.0
october 12, 2008
* Layer: added "clear" and "setWiring" methods
* "typed" terminals examples (see presentation)
* LayerMap (beta): a canvas minimap for the layer
* Add new drawing methods for drawing wires (straight, arrows, bezier)
* indexOf and compact methods not extending Array.prototype anymore
* Create a CanvasElement class (wrap cross-browser issues for canvas tags, Wire will inherit it)
* Scissors class to handle the scissors widget
* Cleaner CSS
* Changed terminal images (copyright issues)
* Correct the positioning issues
Version 0.2.1
january 26, 2008
- new Layer.getWiring function to save the state of the wiring. It can be customized by overriding Container.getConfig
- jsBox updated to use the Layer.getWiring function
- no default width for containers so they can auto-adjust to the content
- Layer.addContainer and Layer.addWire now returns the created instance
- Added the method Container.redrawAllWires and Terminal.redrawAllWires
- Added Layer.removeAllContainers
- adds a "body" div to the container
- CSS updates on Containers and Layers
- adds a focus CSS class on the last mousedown-ed container in the layer
- bugfixes (events "addWire" and "removeWire" added to WireIt.Layer, offset in the connections)
Version 0.2.0
january 4, 2008
- Added YUI custom events for terminal interactions
- new method Wire.getOtherTerminal(terminal)
- new method Terminal.getConnectedTerminals()
- new class WireIt.Container
- new class WireIt.Layer
- new class WireIt.util.DDResize (helper for WireIt.Container)
- customable CSS class names
- minified version (18k)
- WireIt.BoxIO has been removed (use WireIt.Container instead)
- use YUI 2.4.1
Version 0.1.1
december 17, 2007
- Fixing images copyright
Version 0.1
december 6, 2007
- First version of the library
- Implements wires in all major browser
- Terminals
- BoxIO
- wrappers for YAHOO.util.Anim et YAHOO.util.DD
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