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CP 2015 subgraph isomorphism experiments, data and paper
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This repository contains the code, data and experimental scripts needed to reproduce our subgraph isomorphism paper:

Ciaran McCreesh and Patrick Prosser, "A Parallel, Backjumping Subgraph
Isomorphism Algorithm using Supplemental Graphs". To appear at CP 2015.

Parts of this repository are from other authors:

Steps to reproduce the paper:

  • Build our code: run 'make' inside the code/ directory, after reading code/ for details on compiler requirements and dependencies.

  • Build LAD: run 'make' inside the directedLAD/ directory.

  • Build the vflib library: run 'make' inside the vflib/vflib-2.0.6/ directory.

  • Build the vflib solver: run 'make' inside the vflib/ directory.

  • Run the experiments: run 'make TIMEOUT=100000' inside the experiments/ directory. (This will take a loooooong time. If a timeout is not specified, 100s is used instead, which should finish within a few days, but which may cause the charts in the paper to look strange.)

  • Copy experiments/results/*.data into the paper/ directory, to replace our experimental results with your own.

  • Run 'make' inside the paper/ directory. You will need Gnuplot 5 built with Lua support, and a full TeX Live installation.

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