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*detectindent.txt* The Detect Indent Plugin 1.0, Jan 04, 2005
Author: Ciaran McCreesh <ciaran.mccreesh at>
1. Contents *detectindent* *detectindent-contents*
1. Contents |detectindent-contents|
2. :DetectIndent Command |:DetectIndent|
Settings |detectindent-settings|
3. Uptime ChangeLog |uptime-changelog|
2. :DetectIndent Command *:DetectIndent*
The :DetectIndent command tries to intelligently set the 'shiftwidth',
'expandtab' and 'tabstop' options based upon the existing settings in
use in the active file.
Settings *detectindent-settings*
When the correct value for 'expandtab' cannot be determined, it will
usually retain its existing value. To specify that 'expandtab' should
be used where autodetection is impossible, set: >
:let g:detectindent_preferred_expandtab = 1
< in your |vimrc| file.
To set a preferred value for 'shiftwidth' and 'tabstop' when they
cannot be automatically detected, set: >
:let g:detectindent_preferred_indent = 4
< in your |vimrc| file.
To use the preferred values when both tabs and spaces are detected,
set: >
:let g:detectindent_preferred_when_mixed = 1
< in your |vimrc| file.
To set limit for number of lines that will be analysed set: >
:let g:detectindent_max_lines_to_analyse = 1024
< in your |vimrc| file.
To override |detectindent_preferred_expandtab| for specific filetypes
(example: use 4-character tabstops with tabs for python) set: >
:let b:detectindent_preferred_expandtab = 0
:let b:detectindent_preferred_indent = 4
< after/ftplugin/FILETYPENAMEHERE.vim (example:
after/ftplugin/python.vim). Using 0 acts as if the option was never
3. DetectIndent ChangeLog *detectindent-changelog*
v1.1 (20150225)
* Add preferred_when_mixed.
* Add buffer-local options.
v1.0 (20050105)
* initial release after discussion on