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Facebook App which allows you to hook your (younger)friends up with Summer Jobs
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This is an app to help promote the White House's Code Sprint for the Summer Jobs API It showcases how to mark up job descriptions so they can be crawled by search engines and end up indexed by the US Department of Labor's Summer Job Bank for the Youth. It also showcases how to consume the the Jobs Bank API and allow visitors to perform queries.

In this app we showcase how to find jobs for your Facebook friends who are in the right age group (16-24)

For more information please read the White House's blog post


This is a boilerplate app which displays featured Summer Jobs at Cloud Foundry and allows visitors to search the Department of Labor Summer Job Bank.

This app will show you how to consume the Department of Labor API. You can register for a key and find more information about this at

This template uses:

  • Basic Sinatra
  • haml
  • 960gs
  • Microdata

To deploy on Cloud Foundry

You can get an account at if you don't have one

First fork the project. Then run:

git clone<your_name>/summerjobs.git summerjobs
cd summerjobs
bundle install;bundle package
vmc push --nostart

To configure

Set facebook and US Department of Labor API keys. See Developer Resources

vmc env-add <app_name> facebook_app_id=23823782
vmc env-add <app_name> facebook_app_secret=M22j2knrmrkkemrke
vmc env-add <app_name> usdol_token=43823782
vmc env-add <app_name> usdol_secret="shared secret"

Then start the app with

vmc start <app_name>

Developer Resources

Sample references

Original Ruby Sample App from DOL

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