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Level9 interpreter to javascript (with emscripten)
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Level9 interpreter to javascript (with emscripten)

Test to port Level 9 interpreter to javascript (through Emscripten)


  • Simple transpiled the C code to javascript with emcc
  • Modified C to load SNOWBALL.DAT as default (embeded .DAT, .HRC and .CGA)


  • «Works» only on Firefox (tested on FF50.1.0)
  • Type command and enter, then cancel, to make it work (main loop related?)
  • On Chromium/e it doesn't show the text. Input shoud work.
  • On web-app text uotput is shown in console
  • If cancel is pressed twice it enters into an infinite loop "What now? / Nothing happens"

To Do

  • Modify main loop
  • Create a proper UI
  • Check if graphics works / are implemented
  • Check if save / restore works
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