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CIBox Logo

Continuous Integration Toolbox Release

CIBox is a short name for Continuous Integration company operations toolbox.

Main possibilities

  • Continuous Integration Server that automatically generates builds for every commit in a Pull Request on GitHub (private repositories supported).
  • Configured and optimized Vagrant instance with set of modern tools.
  • Multi CMS/CMF support that allows create project from scratch in seconds.
  • CI platform to run different test suites.

Quick Start Guide

Provision new CI server

  • Add your host and GitHub credentials to the config.yml file.
  • ./

Create new Drupal repository

  • ./

Documentation CIBox documentation reference

Full CIbox documentation is available at


On your host machine you should have the following software:

Name Version
Vagrant 1.6+
Ansible 1.7+ (2.x not supported yet)
VirtualBox 4.0+

CIBox supports

CIBox fully supports Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit as CI server operation system.

Contributing to CIBox

Provisioner Repository builder Vagrant Documentation
Build Status Build Status Build Status Documentation Status

Want to hack on CIBox? Awesome! We have instructions to help you get started contributing code or documentation.

These instructions are probably not perfect, please let us know if anything feels wrong or incomplete. Better yet, submit a PR and improve them yourself.


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