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Open source chat platform


  • Markdown-like syntax for messages
  • File uploads to S3 or local storage with image thumbnails in the channel
  • Inline maths based on MathJax
  • Detection of URL's with automatic insertion of thumbnails or description with built-in support for Wikipedia, Youtube, Github and XKCD. It is easy to add support for other sites
  • Email notifications sent to users after being mentioned or when they receive private messages if the user didn't read the messages
  • Group-based permission system (the user interface for this is not complete yet)
  • Message search based on Apache Solr
  • Private messages are implemented as a special channel, giving the private chats identical functionality as the main channels
  • API that allows for writing external clients
  • Messages can be edited and deleted. The edit history of a message is preserved in the database.


Currently there are two separate clients:

How to install

The easiest way to install the application is using Docker. An easy to use installation using docker-compose can be found here: Further instructions can be found the file in that repository.

If you would like to install everything from scratch, a manual installation guide can be found in docs/

Demo installation

Demo installation at:

No guarantees are made as to the persistence of anything posted on that server.