A Concrete5 package that uses Azavea's Cicero API for elected official lookups by address.
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Azavea Cicero Package for Concrete5 CMS

This package contains the Concrete5 blocks for Cicero Live and the upcoming elections feed.

Each block takes advantage of Azavea's Cicero API for political data and elected-official lookups by street address.

Both blocks have now been updated to use the new ReST API!


Copy the azavea_cicero folder into your Concrete5 packages directory. Then complete installation from your site's Dashboard (Dashboard>Extend concrete5, or Add Functionality). The "Azavea Cicero" add-on should be available and Awaiting Installation.

Next, sign up for a 1,000 API credit / 90 day free trial of Cicero. Each address lookup you perform from the Cicero Live block will count against these 1,000 credits. The Cicero Elections block does not cost any credits, but currently your free trial will still expire after 90 days. If you like Cicero, Azavea has affordable API-credit pricing starting at just $298 for 10,000 credits per year for government, non-profit, and education customers.

Additionally, to use the map feature of Cicero Live, you will need to sign up for a Microsoft Bing Maps API key.

Add either the Cicero Live or Cicero Elections blocks to a page on your Concrete5 site. In edit mode, click on the block and select "Edit" from the dropdown. In the popup that appears, you should be able to enter your Cicero account details and Bing API key.


Bug reports and feature requests can be reported to the issue tracker.

Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "as-is" basis. See the License for specific language governing permissions and limitations.