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Computational Imaging Software Guides

In this repository we host two guides for the development and distribution of software projects of the CI group of CWI: the software release guide for releasing and maintaining open-source software alongside your research, and a general how-to guide that covers many different topics for software development.


Software release guide

The CICWI Software Release Guide can be viewed online, as a pdf, or you can look at the org source.

It is a step-by-step guide for converting an arbitrary software project into a package that is usable, installable, and understandable by others. We do not only discuss the hows, but also the whys of distributing scientific software.

How-to guide

The CICWI How-to Software Guide can be viewed online, as a pdf, or you can look at the org source.

This (living) document is a collection of small, self-contained tutorials to accomplish specific tasks that have to do with software development.

Authors and contributing

These guides were originally written by:

  • Jan-Willem Buurlage
  • Allard Hendriksen

Also thanks to:

  • Adriaan Graas
  • Henri Der Sarkissian

Contributions are very welcome. These can come in various forms, for example:

  • Opening an issue (if something is unclear, or a command fails to run),
  • Providing small fixes (typos, ill-formed sentences, ...)
  • Contributions to the how-to guide

We use the GitHub issue tracker. Please submit pull requests against the master branch.

To submit a pull request, first fork the repository to your own account. Make the changes as usual, and push them to your own version of the repository. After that, open a pull request so that we can discuss your changes!

For more information on how to make pull requests, check the GitHub documentation at


The thi-ng/org-spec theme is provided by Karsten Schmidt (MIT license).


Guides for the development and distribution of software projects from the CI group of CWI.






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