e-cidadania is an open-source e-democracy web application made on top of the django framework for participative processes like assemblies, debates, participative budgets, etc. Licensed under Apache 2.0
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https://badge.fury.io/gh/cidadania%2Fe-cidadania.png http://i.imgur.com/BeE14Bl.png http://i.imgur.com/5ldxDJl.png

e-cidadania is a project to develop an open source application for citizen participation, which can be used for debates, proposals, trusted voting, usable by associations, companies and administrations.

The e-cidadania objective is to provide a way to make a full participation process on internet, or even use it as a complement to in person participative processes.


Since e-cidadania 0.1.5 we include an automated buildout system. If you want to install it to do testing or development you should see these instructions

If you don't want to create an isolated development environment:

  • Download the source code from git, or from the official webpage.

  • You need to install the python packages specified in requirements.txt for e-cidadania, you can do it with pip:

    sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Configure src/e_cidadania/settings/production.py to you desire.

  • Set src/e_cidadania/settings/__init__.py DEBUG to False

  • Generate the database with:

    python manage.py syncdb
  • Make all the south migrations:

    pytohn manage.py migrate
  • Copy all the static files:

    python manage.py collectstatic
  • Run the development server

    python manage.py runserver

e-cidadania currently supports python 2.7.X. The work for porting to python 3 is on the "python3" branch.


There is a demo running in the website http://demo.ecidadania.org.


We need developers! If you want to join us, send an email to info@ecidadania.org

Development and bugtracking is done through code.ecidadania.org

Getting help

Useful information

  • Design concepts design concepts, this are the guides to follow when developing.
  • Releases version roadmap. This is where we stablish the features, release dates and other things of every version.


  • Developing You can take the last code from the repository and experiment with it. When you're done, you can send us a "Merge request". Please check the How To Contribute page.
  • Documenting Right now the documentation is a bit insufficient. If you want to document e-cidadania, feel free to do it. We use Sphinx (1.1.3) to generate the documents.
  • Translating You can contribute translating e-cidadania from its page on Transifex. If you need a language that is not available, ask for it from Transifex and we will create it ASAP.
  • Bug reporting You can report the bugs you find in the application in this trac: http://code.ecidadania.org