Super simple grunt template processor.
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Super simple grunt template processor and wrapper.


Install npm package, next to your projects Grunfile:

npm install grunt-template-helper

Add this line to your project's Gruntfile:


Template task

Run this task with the grunt template command.

This task is a [multi task][] so any targets, files and options should be specified according to the [multi task][] documentation. [multi task]:

This plugin is only compatible with Grunt 0.4.x.



Data to pass in to the template Type: Object Default: {}


Wrap the template with a banner and footer. Type: Object Default: {}

It is possible to inject file-path related data into the banner or footer of the wrapper. This is useful if you're wrapping your template with a script-tag, such as <script type="text/ng-template" src="path/of/view.html">. At the moment there are two values that are available to inject: 'src' and 'dest'. 'src' represents the path to the template file, 'dest' the path to the processed output file. The injection points are specified using positional markers, as such: foo #{0} bar #{1}.

Should you want to remove any part of the 'src' or 'dest' paths you can do so by specifying the rem property.

Additionally, you can substring replace any number of parts of the injected string by specifying the repl property as a list of key/value pairs.


Minifies the processed template. Type: Object Default {}

Note that minification occurs last in the process, meaning that, unlike wrapping, any concatenation occurrs before minification. Uses prettydiff for minification. You can either just provide the value mode: 'html' for default html minification, or provide a full prettydiff config object pretty. See the official documentation to see what's available. The example configuration below includes the settings that are used for html minification.

Usage Examples

template: {
  dev: {
    options: {
      data: {
        env: 'dev',
        message: 'hello'
      wrap: {
        banner: '<script type="text/ng-template" from="#{0}" to="#{1}"></script>',
        footer: '</script>',
        inject: [{
            prop: 'src'
          }, {
            prop: 'dest',
            rem:  '/unwanted/path',
            repl: {
              ".wrongExtension": ".rightExtension"
      minify: {
        mode: 'html',
        // Note that this is redundant, mode: 'html' does the same thing.
        pretty: {
          mode: 'minify',
          lang: 'markup',
          html: 'html-yes'
      'path/to/result.html': 'path/to/input.template',
      'path/to/another.html': ['path/to/more/*.template', 'path/to/even/more/*.template'] // concatenates (individually wrapped) files