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Paperclip Cloud Storage

Paperclips is a great way to save files in a rails app. With this gem you can have the files saved to your Rackspace Cloud account.


Most of the cloudfile.rb code was written by


In your model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :avatar, :styles => { :medium => "300x300>", :thumb => "100x100>" },
      :storage => :cloudfile


In your config directory make a file called paperclip_cloud_storage.yml

You can 'environment-space' this just like you do to your database.yml file, so different environments can use different accounts:

  username: hayley
  api_key: a7f...
  username: katherine
  api_key: 7fa...
  username: minter
  api_key: 87k...
  servicenet: true

This is not required to, however, and the file may simply look like this:

username: minter...
api_key: 11q...

In which case, those access keys will be used in all environments. You can also put your container name in this file, instead of adding it to the code directly. This is useful when you want the same account but a different container for development versus production.

  • container: This is the name of the Cloud Files container that will store your files.

This container should be marked “public” so that the files are available to the world at large. If the container does not exist, it will be created and marked public.

  • path: This is the path under the container in which the file will be stored. The

CDN URL will be constructed from the CDN identifier for the container and the path. This is what you will want to interpolate. Keys should be unique, like filenames, and despite the fact that Cloud Files (strictly speaking) does not support directories, you can still use a / to separate parts of your file name, and they will show up in the URL structure.


Coming soon needed for project now. If you would like to contribute super, and thanks.