Grab RSS feeds from the interweb and tweet their content, a-la TwitterFeed
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RSSTwit: Commandline utility to send entries from RSS feeds to Twitter

RSSTwit is a sort of inverse to It tweets entries from RSS feeds on your behalf so you can enjoy your life and come back to a fascinating auto-curated twitter feed without having to actually tweet stuff yourself.

It came about in response to TwitterFeed announcing that they would be shutting down at the end of October 2016. RSSTwit is intended to be used on Linux. It may work on FreeBSD, Macs and such. May even work on Windows, but it has not been tested on those other platforms.

RSSTwit is written in Haskell, which I am learning at present. Please excuse any embarrassing newbie mistakes and even better tell me where I messed up!

RSSTwit is a prototype and may well be broken in all sorts of horrific ways. At present it doesn't even have tests.


Install RSSTwit

You will want a working install of stack. Probably a libsqlite3 too. I should test that.

  1. On unix-like systems you should be able to:

    wget -qO- | sh

  2. Set up stack with:

    stack setup

  3. Once you have stack up and running you can clone this repo:

    git clone

  4. Finally, run stack install.

    stack install

It will take time. Lots of time. Eventually the executable will be in your stack path (eg. /home/you/.local/bin/). If you have your PATH set up to include this directory then you can now type "rsstwit" to start the program.

Setup a Twitter app

You will need some credentials from Twitter for the app. Set up a new app at Then get write access for it and make yourself an oauth_token and oauth_token secret, there is a video on youtube which shows you the first bit. You just generate your access creds at the end.

When you first run RSSTwit, it should create your config file, most likely in a subfolder of your home directory called .rsstwit. In there you will find a config file called rsstwit.cfg. Fill in your creds in rsstwit.cfg thus:

# Twitter API info; you will need to supply these before RSSTwit works
twitterConsumerKey    = "YOUR CONSUMER_KEY"
twitterConsumerSecret = "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
twitterOauthToken     = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
twitterOauthSecret    = "YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET"

By default RSSTwit stores its database in your .rsstwit folder (probably /home/you/.rsstwit) in a file called rsstwit.sqlite .

Running RSSTwit

You can use RSSTwit from the commandline to add, remove and list feeds. In addition it has a cron mode, so it can be run as a cronjob and take care of posting your tweets at regular intervals.

Initialize your database

rsstwit init

Set up the cron job

I like to use:

crontab -e

Add a line running the cron command every so often:

*/20 * * * * /path/to/bin/rsstwit cron

Add a new feed

rsstwit add

And you will be asked the following questions before your feed is added to your database (I've added brief explanations after each).

Feed URL:

URL of feed -- should be RSS, atom will probably work but is less tested

Feed name: Charlie's blog

A human-readable name for the feed

Prepend to tweets (up to 10 chars): #before

This text is prepended to tweets from this feed and is optional

Append to tweets (up to 20 chars - length of prepend): via @someone

This text is appended to tweets from this feed and is also optional

Tweets per run (1-5): 1

Each time the cron runs send this many tweets from this feed

Check every n minutes (5 and above): 60

Update the feed at intervals of about this length (depends on when your cron job is runnign too)

OK? (Y for yes anything else for no): Y
Feed created, will start tweeting when the next cron job runs.

List your feeds

rsstwit list
1: Charlie's blog ( Next check: 2016-10-23 21:33:54.683585 UTC

Show full info for a single feed

rsstwit show 1

Feed id: "1"
Feed URI   :
Title      : Charlie's blog
Prepend    : 
Append     : via @ciderpunx
Tweets/run : 1
Check every: 300 minutes
Next check : 2016-10-28 14:11:06.087595 UTC (UTC)
First run? : True
Paused?    : False

Delete a feed

rsstwit delete 1

Pause a feed

This stops rsstwit from fetching updates for this feed. If the feed is already paused it does nothing.

rsstwit pause 1

Resume (unpause) a feed

This tells rsstwit to start fetching updates for this feed again. If the feed is not paused it does nothing.

rsstwit unpause 1

Advanced noodling

The database is just a sqlite database so you can mess around with things if RSSTwit is not working as expected.

Why make this?

Two reasons really.

  1. Twitterfeed recently announced they were shutting down on 31 Oct (25 Dec?!)
  2. I wanted a Haskell project to get my teeth into.


RSSTwit is very much a prototype. If you need to do this reliably, here are some alternatives that people on Twitter suggested, or that I have duckduckgo-ed. I have tried and (and they were fine) but I have not tried the rest.