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+========== code
+[]( is a web service that let you generate an [RSS feed]( from your Twitter user timeline, or from a Twitter search.
+It does this by connecting to Twitter on the web and screenscraping the data, rather than by using the [Twitter API](
+You can install by following the instructions in the []( file.
+The main reason for doing so is that the caching limits (one query every 45 minutes) is proving restrictive.
+You can see a bunch of [ blog posts]( on Charlie Harvey's site. They mostly deal with me being increasingly freaked out about the amount of traffic that is turning up.
+The code for is released under the GNU GPL licence version 2 (See the LICENSE file) and is copyright of the contributors — Charlie Harvey and Daniel Perelman at time of writing.
+The website content is released under [CC-BY-SA]( — Charlie Harvey and James Lu at time of writing.

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