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Patric Logo

PATRIC is the Bacterial Bioinformatics Resource Center, an information system designed to support the biomedical research community’s work on bacterial infectious diseases via integration of vital pathogen information with rich data and analysis tools. PATRIC sharpens and hones the scope of available bacterial phylogenomic data from numerous sources specifically for the bacterial research community, in order to save biologists time and effort when conducting comparative analyses. The freely available PATRIC platform provides an interface for biologists to discover data and information and conduct comprehensive comparative genomics and other analyses in a one-stop shop. PATRIC is a NIH-NIAID -funded project of Virginia Tech’s Cyberinfrastructure Division.

This repository contains documentation for the PATRIC systems architecture, deployment documentation, source code and links to external information and dependencies.

To clone this respository and any linked repositores:

git clone --recursive

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