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4bit Terminal Color Scheme Designer

For users

  1. Go to
  2. Design your terminal look.
  3. Click Get Scheme button and select the format of configuration file.

  • ATerm, Urxvt, Rxvt, XTerm and other libXt terminals: Copy the generated text to ~/.Xresources file (you may have to create it) and run xrdb ~/.Xresources.

  • Gnome Terminal, Guake: Save the generated script into, make this file executable $ chmod +x and run it $ ./ Alternatively copy generated lines directly into your shell.

  • XFCE4 Terminal: Backup ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc file and replace it with generated text. Take into account that this file contains all XFCE4 Terminal settings, not only color scheme.

  • Konsole and Yakuake: Put the generated file to ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/NAME-OF-SCHEME.colorscheme and restart the terminal.

  • iTerm2 for Mac: Create a file ~/NAME-OF-SCHEME.itermcolors with the generated xml content and load it with the Load Presets ... button under iTerm2 / Preferences / Profiles / <Your Profile> / Colors.

  • Putty: Save the generated file with .reg extension and double click it.

  • Terminator: Copy lines within the [profiles] section of the generated configuration file to ~/.config/terminator/config file.

  • Other terminals: Generate one of the supported formats and copy hex values into the configuration file (or tool) of your terminal.

For developers

I pushed to this repository all fonts, images and most of third-party libraries. The only missed JavaScript dependency is Google Closure Library. You will also need some system tools to run the build script:

After git clone please edit and make sure that paths are correct. After that run ./ It generates compiled JavaScript, compiled LESS, and merged CSS.


Maciej Ciemborowicz


Stefan Wienert

Victor Hugo Borja