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Import already existing color schemes #15

cocreature opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It would be awesome, if you could import, let's say your .Xresources and it would get parsed. Then you could work on it and finally when you're done export it back.


It was discussed before (somewhere). Unfortunatelly it wont be possible. This is because 4bit generates only limited scope of configurations. There are some rules, like a HUE degree between adjacent colors is always 60°, lightness is the same for every color etc. I can't expect, that imported configuration follows these rules.

@ciembor ciembor closed this

Would it be possible to let you somehow save the work done using 4bit in a special format? Then this would no longer be a problem. I often create a colorscheme and then have to test it using vim, weechat, ncmpcpp, ... No the problem is, that if I only want to change a small part I have to recreate the whole theme, like it was before, which is quite annoying.


Hmmm... yes, it is possible. But I have another idea - it will be easiest to just generate a link with settings in a hashbang URL, so you could share it with anyone. What do you think about this?

@ciembor ciembor reopened this
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