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Welcome to the Boxee+ Wiki page. Please feel free to contribute any information you think is necessary.

Boxee+ Features

New features

  • Adds the Music section back to the Home screen
  • Adds fan art for TV Shows and Movies
  • Overlays for 3D movies and Concerts
  • New (optional) subtitle search system
  • More view modes


  • Faster HD streaming
  • Better VPN performance (MTU tweak)
  • Faster UI
  • Access to a bunch of advanced settings



  • Start by downloading the install package and unzipping it somewhere on your harddrive: Click here to download latest Boxee+

  • Format a USB stick or SD card and name it 'BOXEE' (be sure to use only capitals)

  • Copy the contents of the 'install' folder that you downloaded earlier to the USB stick or SD card

  • Plug the USB stick or SD card into your Boxee Box

  • Go into 'Settings'->'Network'->'Servers'

  • Enable 'Enable Windows file sharing'

  • Add ';sh /media/BOXEE/install.sh' to your 'Host Name'. After you're done it should look like 'boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/install.sh'

  • Navigate away from the 'Servers' screen. Your Boxee Box's logo will turn red and the install will begin

  • When the Boxee Box has restarted you need to go into 'Settings'->'Network'->'Servers' again to activate the install. After that the install will just work after every restart.

  • After rebooting, it is now safe to remove the USB Drive from your Boxee.

Thumbnail Caching to USB / SDCard

You are now able to utilize your USB / SDCard for caching of the poster Thumbnails. To accomplish this, simply create a directory on the drive named


It must be in all lower case and must reside on the root of the drive. Then reboot and it will be utilized instead of Boxee's local storage. If using a high speed card, you should notice a slight improvement in the loading of your posters.