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jQuery plugin anticipates on which element user is going to hover/click.



A couple of examples can be found the examples page


Call the function on the elements to catch user aim and add a class which will be added or removed when aiming starts or ends

    className: 'open'

If you want to execute a function on aim starts or ends, use the aimEnter and aimExit options


    aimEnter: function() {

    aimExit: function(){


To see where your cursor is aiming and check if it intersects with elements use


and you will see a rectangle moving around.

Defining own function

If you don't like the default algorithm, define your own by the following procedure

function anticipateFunc(p, v, mouseX, mouseY, anticipator) {
  Calculate the new position of anticipator using inputs
  p = {x:number,y:number}
  v = {x:number,y:number}
  mouseX = number
  mouseY = number

  Anticipator has some readonly values like the following

      size: 50,
      center: {x: 0, y: 0},
      effectiveSize: 1,
      rect : {x0: 0, y0: 0, x1: 50, y1: 50}


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