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Seelog is a powerful and easy-to-learn logging framework that provides functionality for flexible dispatching, filtering, and formatting log messages. It is natively written in the Go programming language.

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  • Xml configuring to be able to change logger parameters without recompilation
  • Changing configurations on the fly without app restart
  • Possibility to set different log configurations for different project files and functions
  • Adjustable message formatting
  • Simultaneous log output to multiple streams
  • Choosing logger priority strategy to minimize performance hit
  • Different output writers
    • Console writer
    • File writer
    • Buffered writer (Chunk writer)
    • Rolling log writer (Logging with rotation)
    • SMTP writer
    • Others... (See Wiki)
  • Log message wrappers (JSON, XML, etc.)
  • Global variables and functions for easy usage in standalone apps
  • Functions for flexible usage in libraries


package main

import log ""

func main() {
    defer log.Flush()
    log.Info("Hello from Seelog!")


If you don't have the Go development environment installed, visit the Getting Started document and follow the instructions. Once you're ready, execute the following command:

go get -u

IMPORTANT: If you are not using the latest release version of Go, check out this wiki page


Seelog has github wiki pages, which contain detailed how-tos references:


Seelog examples can be found here: seelog-examples


Feel free to push issues that could make Seelog better:


  • v2.6 : Config using code and custom formatters
    • Configuration using code in addition to xml (All internal receiver/dispatcher/logger types are now exported).
    • Custom formatters. Check wiki
    • Bugfixes and internal improvements.
  • v2.5 : Interaction with other systems. Part 2: custom receivers
    • Finished custom receivers feature. Check wiki
    • Added 'LoggerFromCustomReceiver'
    • Added 'LoggerFromWriterWithMinLevelAndFormat'
    • Added 'LoggerFromCustomReceiver'
    • Added 'LoggerFromParamConfigAs...'
  • v2.4 : Interaction with other systems. Part 1: wrapping seelog
    • Added configurable caller stack skip logic
    • Added 'SetAdditionalStackDepth' to 'LoggerInterface'
  • v2.3 : Rethinking 'rolling' receiver
    • Reimplemented 'rolling' receiver
    • Added 'Max rolls' feature for 'rolling' receiver with type='date'
    • Fixed 'rolling' receiver issue: renaming on Windows
  • v2.2 : go1.0 compatibility point [go1.0 tag]
    • Fixed internal bugs
    • Added 'ANSI n [;k]' format identifier: %EscN
    • Made current release go1 compatible
  • v2.1 : Some new features
    • Rolling receiver archiving option.
    • Added format identifier: %Line
    • Smtp: added paths to PEM files directories
    • Added format identifier: %FuncShort
    • Warn, Error and Critical methods now return an error
  • v2.0 : Second major release. BREAKING CHANGES.
    • Support of binaries with stripped symbols
    • Added log strategy: adaptive
    • Critical message now forces Flush()
    • Added predefined formats: xml-debug, xml-debug-short, xml, xml-short, json-debug, json-debug-short, json, json-short, debug, debug-short, fast
    • Added receiver: conn (network connection writer)
    • BREAKING CHANGE: added Tracef, Debugf, Infof, etc. to satisfy the print/printf principle
    • Bug fixes
  • v1.0 : Initial release. Features:
    • Xml config
    • Changing configurations on the fly without app restart
    • Contraints and exceptions
    • Formatting
    • Log strategies: sync, async loop, async timer
    • Receivers: buffered, console, file, rolling, smtp


Seelog is a native Go logging library that provides flexible asynchronous dispatching, filtering, and formatting.







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