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-A Django interface to the pycountry module. For the moment, only the ISO 639
-languages and ISO 3166 countries are included.
+Djangoool is deprecated. Please use the django-diplomat package instead, available on github at and on PyPI as django-diplomat.
-Add `djangoool` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`, then run the `syncdb` management command.
-This will create Django databases containing the information from the pycountry
-module. If you need to manually resync the djangoool apps, you can always run
-the `djangoool_sync` management command.
-Djangoool provides Django models that act as wrappers around the objects provided
-by pycountry. Each Django model has attributes that are identical to those of
-the pycountry object being mapped to. The mappings are as follows:
- pycountry.db.Country => djangoool.models.ISOCountry
- pycountry.db.Language => djangoool.models.ISOLanguage
-There are managers on these models and utility fields to make working with them
-easier. You can consult the source to see what these are and how to use them.
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