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ebpf-go is a pure-Go library to read, modify and load eBPF programs and attach them to various hooks in the Linux kernel.


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ebpf-go is a pure Go library that provides utilities for loading, compiling, and debugging eBPF programs. It has minimal external dependencies and is intended to be used in long running processes.

See for complementary projects from the wider eBPF ecosystem.

Getting Started

Please take a look at our Getting Started guide.

Contributions are highly encouraged, as they highlight certain use cases of eBPF and the library, and help shape the future of the project.

Getting Help

The community actively monitors our GitHub Discussions page. Please search for existing threads before starting a new one. Refrain from opening issues on the bug tracker if you're just starting out or if you're not sure if something is a bug in the library code.

Alternatively, join the #ebpf-go channel on Slack if you have other questions regarding the project. Note that this channel is ephemeral and has its history erased past a certain point, which is less helpful for others running into the same problem later.


This library includes the following packages:

  • asm contains a basic assembler, allowing you to write eBPF assembly instructions directly within your Go code. (You don't need to use this if you prefer to write your eBPF program in C.)
  • cmd/bpf2go allows compiling and embedding eBPF programs written in C within Go code. As well as compiling the C code, it auto-generates Go code for loading and manipulating the eBPF program and map objects.
  • link allows attaching eBPF to various hooks
  • perf allows reading from a PERF_EVENT_ARRAY
  • ringbuf allows reading from a BPF_MAP_TYPE_RINGBUF map
  • features implements the equivalent of bpftool feature probe for discovering BPF-related kernel features using native Go.
  • rlimit provides a convenient API to lift the RLIMIT_MEMLOCK constraint on kernels before 5.11.
  • btf allows reading the BPF Type Format.


  • A version of Go that is supported by upstream
  • CI is run against LTS releases. >= 4.4 should work but EOL'ed versions are not supported.



eBPF Gopher

The eBPF honeygopher is based on the Go gopher designed by Renee French.