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@lmb lmb released this 27 Mar 10:54

btf: support for CO-RE relocations against kernel modules

It's now possible to use CO-RE relocations against types defined in kernel modules. See #1300 by @brycekahle.

link: netkit support

The link package now allows attaching to netkit interfaces. See #1257 by @hemanthmalla

link: support for iterating links

The new link.Iterator type allows enumerating all BPF links active. See #1392 by @mpastyl.


  • ringbuf: fixed a bug which can lead to corrupt data on arm64, see #1375

Breaking changes

  • ProgramOptions is not comparable anymore due to KernelModuleTypes.

  • CORERelocate had its singature change once again.

What's Changed

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Full Changelog: v0.13.2...v0.14.0