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Enabling DNS Visibility

In order for Hubble to gain DNS visibility. Cilium must be configured to route DNS traffic via its own DNS proxy to extract DNS information.

With CiliumNetworkPolicy

The following CiliumNetworkPolicy will redirect the traffic of all pods to CoreDNS via Cilium's DNS proxy to provide visibility. In order to not block any non-DNS traffic, the policy below also allows all other traffic. Adjust the policy accordingly if you are using other network policies.

kind: CiliumNetworkPolicy
  name: dns-visibility
    matchLabels: {}
  - toEndpoints:
    - matchLabels:
        k8s:io.kubernetes.pod.namespace: kube-system
        k8s:k8s-app: kube-dns
    - ports:
      - port: "53"
        protocol: ANY
        - matchPattern: '*'
  - toFQDNs:
    - matchPattern: '*'
  - toEntities:
    - cluster
    - world

All network policies are specific to a namespace. So the policy will have to be imported into each namespace separately.

With Pod Annotations

An alternative to using CiliumNetworkPolicy, pods can be annotated to enable visibility:

kubectl annotate pod foo io.cilium.proxy-visibility="<Egress/53/UDP/DNS>"

Important: Visibility via annotations is not compatible with network policies. You cannot use annotations while also using network policies.

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