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ukhasnet node with temperature, light and humidity sensing
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TEApot: Tiny Environment Analyser. A ukhasnet node with various sensors. ukhasnet node IDs TEA0 through TEAe.

Photo of TEA5


  • board contains schematics and board layouts for KiCAD EDA 4
  • case contains plans for laser-cut cases for the nodes
  • firmware contains firmware for the various node flavours
  • software contains Python3 software for the USB gateway and GridEye receiver.



  • Microcontroller: STM32F0 and STM32L0
  • Power: AA or D alkaline cell with TLV61225 boost switcher
  • Assorted sensors:
    • T: Temperature (HTU21d)
    • H: Humidity (HTU21d)
    • P: Pressure (MS5637)
    • S: Light (TEPT4400)
    • X: 8x8 thermopile array (AMG88 Grid-eye)


  • r2 was the first set manufactured. Issues with I2C meant sensors did not work. L0 variants are lower power than F0 but do not support USB. L0 variants include a RTC crystal.
  • r3 was the second set manufactured, omitting USB but including support for the Grid-eye sensor and fixing I2C issues. All boards include an RTC crystal.
Node Board Sensors Status
TEA0 r2 F0 USB Gateway, working
TEA1 r2 L0 Repeater (needs firmware)
TEA2 r2 L0 Repeater (needs firmware)
TEA3 r2 L0 Repeater (needs antenna and firmware)
TEA4 r2 L0 Repeater (needs antenna and firmware)
TEA5 r3 THPS Working
TEA6 r3 THPS Working
TEA7 r3 THPS Working
TEA8 r3 THPS Working
TEA9 r3 THPS Working
TEAa r3 THPSX Grid-eye has checkerboard problem, otherwise ok
TEAb r3 THPSX Working
TEAc r3 THPSX Working
TEAd r3 THPSX Working
TEAe r3 THPSX Working
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