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*** php2ajax Class Library ***
** Object Oriented Interface for PHP and AJAX **

   In order to simplify operations between ajax and PHP, I 
created the php2ajax class library. It's purpose 
is to provide a simple, object oriented approach, to 
using PHP and AJAX that is flexible and lightweight while still 
providing core capabilities.

With php2ajax, once you get the request using getRequest(), it is simple 
to access your variables as though they are properties of the php2ajax object. 
As an example, if in your ajax request using jQuery you sent data: "name=tom&age=25" 
you could access those values using your PHP object like $php2ajax->name and

** Methods Available **

   Checks current HTTP request for POST and GET requests. If found, 
it will save a copy within the php2ajax object for further processing as well as set
flags. If GET or POST is set, the hasRequest flag will be set to true. For each
specific method, either the hasGET or hasPOST flags will be set to true.
	getRequest() Example #1

	// Create new object
	$php2ajax = new php2Ajax;

	// Get request

	// Check request
	if( $php2ajax->hasRequest )
		echo("Either a GET or POST request was made.");
   Allows extremly customizable filtering/sanitizing of variables passed via 
GET and POST. The $filters parameter must be an array containing names of 
functions to run on each variable. The functions can be PHP core functions such 
as trim(), strip_tags(), and strtoupper() or can be a custom function you 
write to do your own filtering and sanitizing. This only accepts functions which 
take a scalar variable as a parameter, process it, and then return the modified 
data. Therefore, a function which requires multiple parameters such as 
str_replace() will not work. In this case, write a custom function which calls 
those other functions like the example below.
	filter() Example #1
	public function myCustomFilter($data)
		// Call function requiring multiple parameters
		// to replace spaces with a hyphen
		return str_replace(" ", "-", $data);


	// Check request
	if( $php2ajax->hasRequest )
		// Run filters using PHP core functions and custom functions
		$php2ajax->filter( Array("trim","strtoupper","strip_tags","myCustomFilter") );
   The save() method allows you to pass GET/POST variables to your preferred 
data handling object or model to be saved. The first parameter must be an 
object instance. The second method is a string matching the name of a callable 
function within that object. Your custom data handling function must take 
php2ajax as a parameter.
save() Example #1
	class MyDatabase
		public function insert($php2ajax)
			// Insert data into database
			// function called by php2ajax::save()
	// Database object
	$myDB = new MyDatabase;

	// Check request
	if( $php2ajax->hasRequest )
		// Save