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ViMediaManager is my try at building a media manager mainly for Mac, since the Mac platform has been seriously lacking in this department.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Feature List:

  • Manage your movies, TV shows & anime collections.
  • Download media metadata from, &
  • Get Trailers, Posters, Fanart, Banners, ClearArt, CharacterArt, Logo's and Thumbnails for your movies and series from,, &
  • Batch search for movies & television shows.
  • Batch folder renumber to match your movie and series titles.
  • It looks and runs natively on Mac OS X!


Can you fix this bug?

If you find a bug, let me know what you did to make it happens, and i’ll do my best to fix it.

Why doesn't it have this or that basic feature?

Well, i'm still in the early release stages and haven't even reached version 1.0 yet, so I haven't gotten around to adding everything yet.
You can let me know what you’re missing, and I’ll see if I can add it in a future version.

Your app is not showing this or that movie in the list, what's up with that?

ViMediaManager actually needs a certain file structure to work with:

  • Movies Folder:
  • - Movie Title Folder
  • - - Movie File
  • - Movie Title Folder
  • - - Movie File

But don't worry, ViMediaManager can help you easily organize your movies this way through the Tools menu.

How do I do this or that, how does it work?

Unfortunately I don't have a manual yet, so you'll have to try things out yourself for now.

Does your app show studio logo's?

Yes it does, but you'll have to download them separately from this thread: (or similar threads)
Once you've downloaded the logo's pack, put the pictures inside a folder named "Studios" in the same location as ViMediaManager or in the following path: '~/Library/Application Support/ViMediaManager/Studios/'.

Source requirements:

  • Real Studio 2011
  • MonkeyBreadSoftware Plugin 10.5:
    • MBS REALbasic Main Plugin.rbx
    • MBS REALbasic CocoaBase Plugin.rbx
    • MBS REALbasic Picture Plugin.rbx
    • MBS REALbasic Tidy Plugin.rbx
    • MBS REALbasic Util Plugin.rbx
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