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An Arduino internet connected lamp
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A small DIY project to build an internet connected lamp that can change colors depending the received input. Some possible use cases: weather forecast, CI monitor, air quality, etc.


This project is still under construction. In it's current state it will:

  • Read the weather forecast from Yahoo! Weather for a given city and trun green when the forecast looks fair. It will turn red if it looks bad.
  • Read the delay for the next given Belgian train connection and turn red when the train is delayed. It will turn green if no delays are found.
  • Read your Gmail inbox and turn green when you have unread messages. It will turn red if no unread messages are found.
  • Read the last build status from your Nodeci CI monitor and turn green if all tests passed. It will trun red if the monitor returns a broken build.


  1. Install Ruby 1.9.2 or 1.8.7
  2. Install the Nokogiri and serialport gems
  3. Clone the repo
  4. Send the Orb.pde sketch to the Arduino board
  5. Wire the breadboard according to the schema below
  6. Keep the USB cable connected and run the orbifier script

Wiring schema

Arduing and breadboard wiring schema

Orbifier script

You can find the USB port you need in the Arduino editor, it's the same one as the one you use to upload sketches.


Weather forecast for Brussels, Belgium:

./orbifier weather -p /usb/tty.usbmodem441 -c 968019

The second parameter is the Yahoo! Weather WOEID for the city you want. You can find the WOEID in the Yahoo! Weather URL, eg. Brussels.


Belgian train delay for the next train from Leuven to Wavre:

./orbifier delay -p /usb/tty.usbmodem441 -o Leuven -d Wavre

The last 2 parameters are the Belgian station of origin and destionation.


New mails in your Gmail inbox:

./orbifier gmail -p /usb/tty.usbmodem441 -a -s 12345

Important: the password will be visible in your shell history, know what you are doing!


Build passed or broken status from your Nodeci CI monitor:

./orbifier nodeci -p /usb/tty.modem441 -m http://localhost:1234

The monitor parameter accepts a URL for the build monitor location.

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