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title: Freemarker syntax highlighting for TextPad
date: 2008-01-03 17:39:47
updated: 2010-01-21 16:08:59
<div class="narrow-col">
<p>At work we use <a href="" title="A text editor for Windows">TextPad</a> as a general purpose text editor for Windows. It's not even close to <a href="" title="The missing editor for Mac OS X">TextMate</a> on Mac OS X but it's a welcome help in the Notepad world.</p>
<p>TextPad uses syntax definition files for syntax highlighting. As I'm writing lots of <a href="" title="A Java templating engine library">Freemarker</a> template files for the moment I could use some color coding to make my life easier. Feel free to download the syntax file if you need some color in your Freemarker templates.</p>
<li>Download the Freemarker <a href="" title="A Freemarker syntax definition file for TextPad">syntax definition file</a>.</li>
<li>Save the file in the &lsquo;Samples&rsquo; subfolder in your TextPad installation folder.</li>
<li>Open TextPad and choose &lsquo;Configure &rarr; New Document Class...&rsquo;.</li>
<li>Specify a name for the class and the extension (*.ftl in our case) and</li>
<li>enable syntax definition highlighting and choose the freemarker.syn from the drop down list.</li>
<p>If you now open a new Freemarker template file you should see it nicely color coded.</p>
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