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title: iTunes song ratings with Funes
date: 2008-04-11 17:56:33
updated: 2010-09-23 21:47:47
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<p><span class="vcard"><a class="url fn ext" href="" rel="friend met colleague co-resident">Jelle</a></span> did it again! He wrote Funes as an Objective-C learning app: a one-purpose application to rate your iTunes songs form the menu bar. It's Mac OS X Leopard only at the moment but he is working on a Tiger compatible version as well.</p>
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<img src="../../assets/funes.png" alt="Funes screenshot" title="Funes">
<figcaption>Used with permission from <a href="" rel="friend met colleague co-resident" title="Jelle's website">Fousa</a>.</figcaption>
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<p>I was quite skeptical when he submitted his application on the Apple website, the surely must be a few 100 applications like this out there... no? Well, it seems there isn't and Funes was an Apple staff pick right away. The next day <a href="" title="Rate Songs from the Status Menu with Funes">Lifehacker</a> and <a href="" title="How to quickly rate songs in iTunes">Simple Help</a> featured his application, impressive.</p>
<p>Lifhacker reader dpseal notes that you can rate songs with a right click on the iTunes icon in the dock as well. This tip is even easier as the little Funes application. Other ways are ratings with <a href="">Quicksilver</a> or <a href="">GrowlTunes</a>.</p>
<p>Grab a copy to see it yourself.</p>