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title: Automated website spell checks with Spellr
date: 2008-05-27 18:56:25
updated: 2010-09-23 21:48:52
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<p>Spellr is a new web application by <a href="" title="Melon Media, corporate online marketing Australia">Melon Media</a> that automatically checks your websites for spelling mistakes. Last week I received my beta account and it works great, apart from some minor glitches (that's why it's called beta, no?). Spellr currently supports English (International, UK, USA, Canadian), French, Italian, Spanish and German.</p>
<p>You initiate a scan from their website and 2 minutes later - this website counts around 100 small pages - you can check the generated report. I scanned this blog a couple of times now and caught <del>quiet</del> quite a few mistakes. The quality seems good - as far as I can tell - but returns too many errors for the technical jargon used on this website, more on that later. I'm sure there are still more mistakes to be discovered here as my English is far from perfect so this is a welcome tool for me.</p>
<p>There are no pricing details available yet but Melon Media promises free scans for &lsquo;small&rsquo; websites, whatever that may be.</p>
<h2>What's missing?</h2>
<li><strong>Custom dictionaries</strong>: not yet available today but Spellr is working on that. This would be a great way to tell Spellr to ignore specific words that are not spelling mistakes as such (technical jargon for example). This feature will only be available for the payed version which is unfortunate as it's the only feature I'll be missing in the free version.</li>
<li><strong>Case insensitive checks</strong>: the tags on this website are all in lower cases and Spellr thinks they are wrong. An option to ignore cases would be nice.</li>
<li><strong>Scheduled searches</strong>: not available in the beta yet but also planned for the final release. This will be one of Spellr most useful features to me. Schedule your search and see spelling mistakes popping up in your RSS reader.</li>
<li><strong>Grammar checks</strong>: not supported yet bet also on their list.</li>
<li><strong>Ping system</strong>: something like Technorati to inform Spellr that your website has changed.</li>
<p>This article is spell checked by Spellr. ;)</p>